What is BRiK?

BRiK Academy is an industry-neutral academic collaboration which specializes in Competitive Intelligence (CI) in pharma industry sector. It provides comprehensive guidance and training to students and professionals alike on CI methodologies. Our platform equips participants with primary and secondary intelligence proficiency and aims to help them implement these strategies adeptly within corporate frameworks. The purpose of BRiK Academy is to empower participants with the ability to navigate competitive landscapes with acumen and foresight by fostering a nuanced comprehension of market dynamics and competitor strategies.

Objectives of BRiK

competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge

Master Competitive Intelligence for advanced competitor analysis and strategic positioning

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning

Apply CI methodologies effectively for strategic decision-making in real-world scenarios

Industry leadership

Industry leadership

Become an industry leader in brand management and commercialization through CI-driven strategies

Organizational success

Organizational success

Develop and execute CI-driven strategies for sustained growth and resilience

Why BRiK Academy?

BRiK Academy empowers participants to navigate competitive landscapes with acumen and foresight by fostering
a nuanced comprehension of market dynamics and competitor strategies


Top-notch professionals and experts in their fields ensure participants receive high-quality education and insights

Practical Learning

Designed to provide hands-on experience & practical skills immediately applicable in real-world scenarios, offering a competitive edge in careers

Future Readiness

Dynamic CI workshop with interactive sessions and collaborative activities to outpace competitors


Access to a diverse network of peers, mentors, and industry leaders, fostering valuable connections that can propel professional growth

Collaboration with IIHMR

Discover the synergy of expertise as BRiK Academy proudly announces its collaboration with IIHMR-Bangalore, a partnership that brings together the acclaimed industry insights of BRiK Academy and the academic excellence of IIHMR-Bangalore. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing unparalleled learning experiences. Through this partnership, learners can anticipate a comprehensive blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, empowering them to navigate and excel within the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Anupam Mathur
    It's a pleasure to learn that you are setting a strategy & research education course in India. I must add that this is going to be a great opportunity for students in India to benefit from your rich knowledge and experience. I was fortunate to have you as my mentor for The Entrepreneurial Edge course of LBS. Your gentle guidance and knowledgeable advice in the last 4 months were absolutely marvelous. This interaction brought-out my analytical side in a way I never knew existed. I must add that the learning from your mentorship were way above any of my corporate roles could teach me. I wish you all the very best in this new endeavor and really feel happy for the people who would enroll in your program.
    Anupam Mathur
    Anmol Green Energy OPC Pvt LTD, Founder & CEO
  • Chetan Sharma
    Being mentored by Atul was indeed enriching. Insightful with his analysis, sharp with his observations and flexible with his ideas. Extremely accommodative too. In a world where innovation threatens experience Atul marvels by maintaining relevance.
    Chetan Sharma
    India Ahead News Pvt Ltd, Founder CEO and Editorial Director
  • Anonymous
    Faheem has been instrumental in enhancing our team's confidence in the CI domain with his targeted sessions. Delving into topics like Competitive Strategy, War Games, and Scenario Analysis, along with providing insightful tips on research methods, he has helped to enhance relevant CI skills. The well-executed training session has proved to be a great learning experience for the whole team.
    Business Consulting and Market Research Consultancy
  • ThinhPorrmann
    Atul is an experienced serial entrepreneur and expert in business strategy and analysis. I am most thankful that he gave me guidance to successfully form my business and was most helpful in teaching me the relevant skills and mind-set to cope with current and future challenges. If you struggle to find the right Business strategy for your company, Atul will be the best to advise you.
    CEO, Neimu, Germany
  • Anonymous
    I love having access to such a variety of Competitive Intelligence training programs from experts. The program strength, course design and content are all excellent. As a Competitive Intelligence and Strategy Manager, researcher and decision-maker, currently working on many CI’s projects, I wanted to have hands-on continuously evolving CI execution strategies to stay ahead of the competition for my clients and this is exactly what Faheem delivers. I am more informed, energetic, and driven than ever before.
    BD Director & Project Manager, Consulting Firm

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